Workers at Gas Plant


About us

One man's dream with the support of his spouse and family.

After working in one of the natural gas industry’s major natural gas company in South Florida, decided to start his own small business after 8 years of being a Technician.  After being in many different positions within his reach.  He joined the natural gas industry at just shy of his 18th birthday. 

By age 20 he had become a lead technician putting in 70 hour work weeks.  By age 21 became the youngest natural gas journey man of his county.  By age 24 he became state certified as a 601 gas license holder.  Allowing him to hold up to 150 employees under his supervision of such state license. By age 25 and just after the summer of 1999 he became the proud owner of Around The Clock Gas Service Corp.  With hard work of endless days and nights sometimes joining 2 days together without much rest or sleep, the company slowly grew to what it is today. 

Today we employ many technicians because of our customer support and the value they have on our core goals, over 18 employees bring a paycheck home to their families.  This is our story and proud testament that it is possible for a Cuban American that was allowed to defect to the US with his parents at the age of 19 could become what he dreamed he would.  God bless our company and bless our country.